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    • Today's economic growth is majorly impacted by movement of goods the world over. Global trade has opened new vistas in infrastructure development, innovations in technology, large scale manufacturing and distribution of raw materials as well as finished goods across the globe. Sea ports play a complex yet pivotal role in the logistic movement of such goods. This has led to the development of state-of-the-art Container Freight Stations [CFS] and Inland Container Depots [ICD]. With maritime trade burgeoning in order to meet the supply-demand complexities, countries are building new sea ports, CFSs and ICDs. This in turn supports the growth of trucking logistics, CFS cargo traffic, shipping and logistics management systems, and ICD development.

      NTC's ICD/CFS professionals have wide expertise, technological know-how and industry-experience. We can support in the process of:

      Custom’s function relating to processing of manifest.
      Import/export declarations that are filed by the carrier/importer or exporter.
      Recording results of examination.
      Filing documents, amendments.
      Movement of goods from a port, airport to an ICD.
      Movement of goods from a customs station at port/airport/ ICD to CFS.
      Compliance with procedures prescribed for import/export of goods.

      Our value-rich CFS/ICD solutions include:

      Dedicated warehouses for import and exports.
      Well-secured modern container yards.
      Connected directly with customs for documentation & clearance.
      Cost-effective freight forwarding services.
      LCL/FCL container de-stuffing.
      Temporary admissions, warehousing import/export goods before clearance by the Customs.
      Filing of Customs manifests, bills of entry, shipping bills and other declarations, re-export.
      Assessment and clearance of goods for home consumption.
      Temporary storage for onward transit and outright export.
      Transshipment, goods stuffing/de-stuffing into containers.