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    • Solar & Hydropower Equipment Logistics

    • Installations of large solar energy plants require error-free logistical operations and precision handling of expensive equipment. World-class quality & safety standards need to be enforced for successful movement of equipment. NTC enforces strictest quality & safety standards for the successful movements of solar equipment of any size and value. The specially trained renewable energy equipment logisticians at NTC plan the movement of equipment ahead in time, establish fail-safe communication system, and ensure coordination between all stakeholders so that the entire project is moved just in time, within the approved cost. Usage of state-of-the art technology ensures the cost benefits are transferred to the customers. We also provide supply chain management services to store and warehouse solar equipment such as solar panels. We work closely with global network of professional logistics partners who can deliver best & customized solutions that can suit your time and budgetary requirements. Be it, large solar power plant installation or a solar energy company, we offer reliable shipping services including warehousing and deliveries. NTC has the expertise and resources to handle your renewable energy equipment logistics with time, cost and efficiency in mind.

      Supply chain management plays a pivotal role in hydropower constructions. Our supply chain professionals analyze qualitatively and quantitatively the hydropower project, recognize the supply chain factors that impact the project's logistic results. Our expertise includes recognizing supply chain factors, information technology needs, communication and channels to ensure logistic success, and information management.